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“Groupie Accidentally Sleeps with Bass Player”

  • Axl Rosenberg

178719509So yesterday we posted this new Glenn Fricker video which was all about how there are a lot of bad bassists in the world, but there are also some good bassists, but there are also some bassists who are humorless ninnies. And then a bunch of humorless ninny bassists proved our point for us. Like this guy, who apparently looked at the headline and the photo but didn’t actually read the accompanying text:another dumb bassistThanks for the constructive criticism. Say, have you heard the interview we just did with Nick from JFAC and Cephalic Carnage? Or read the praise we heaped on him just thirty minutes prior to post which so pissed you off? Just trying to gauge exactly how far you’ve managed to stick your head up your own ass. I’m thinking far enough that you can see the opening of your mouth again. You’re like a human ouroboros!

ANYWAY, all of this led to to further discussion of bassists who are humorless ninnies on Facebook, which included contributions from two dudes who are both really skilled bassists and very funny guys: Meek is Murder‘s Sam Brodsky and Will Gomez from Tiger Flowers.

It was Sam who brought the below article to my attention during the course of this discussion. It’s clearly not new, so it’s possible some of you have seen it before… but I never had, and now I wish I had written it.

Enjoy. Unless you’re a humorless ninny bass player. If that’s the case, perhaps your time would be better spent learning to play a real instrument?

Groupie Accidentally Sleeps with Bass Player

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