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Heavy Birthday to You! Metal Birthday Greeting Cards


You may recall that last year we brought you good tidings of a Slayer-inspired Christmas greeting card. Well, that very same artist is back, this time with some metal BIRTHDAY cards you can surprise your friends with for a reasonable price.

Dominic Sohor‘s designs are available now on Redbubble for less than $3 each, and unlike his Christmas cards which are only useful once a year, you have as many excuses to use these as people you know. Because everyone has a birthday once a year, so why not make every birthday a metal birthday?

The first is a tribute to early Metallica, and urges you to Cake ‘Em All!

Cake Em All

And then there’s the Maidenized Piece of Cake?

Piece of Cake

Although I’m a little worried about the insinuation that birthdays are ALL about cake. Sure, that’s the reason to go to a birthday PARTY, but what about the marking of the passage of time, giving and receiving presents, gathering of friends?

Yah fucking right, shut up and enjoy your diabetes, Eddie.

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