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This is What it Sounds Like When Arch Enemy Cover Judas Priest’s “Breaking the Law”


Kreator Arch Enemy splitArch Enemy’s cover of the iconic Judas Priest song “Breaking the Law” is that best kind of cover, the kind we love so much: different enough that’s it’s unique and clearly sounds like the band that’s playing it, but true enough to the form of the original that it maintains its integrity and is instantly recognizable.

There are any number of directions Arch Enemy could’ve gone here, but this one is absolutely aces. When the harmonized guitars kick in there’s no doubt those came from the hands of Michael Amott, and it’s not as if Alissa White-Gluz is trying to impersonate Rob Halford with her gutturals. Yet it’s undeniably Judas Priest! You wanna get up from your chair and do the KK Downing / Glenn Tipton synchronized guitar swing thing! Don’t fight it.

Here’s the track via Revolver [by way of Metal Insider]; only 500 copies are available of this track on a split 7″ with Kreator, being sold exclusively on their current North American tour. Another 500 will be available on the European tour both bands are doing later this year.

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