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Celebrity Spotify Playlist: Iggor Cavalera (Cavalera Conspiracy, ex-Sepultura)


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Iggor Cavalera needs no introduction. As the founding drummer in Sepultura, he helped shape metal as we know it today, thereby cementing his place in the history books. And although he left that band almost ten years ago, his subsequent project with his brother/ex-Sep vocalist Max Cavalera, Cavalera Conspiracy, not only picks up where Sepultura left off, but sounds more like classic Sep than the Cavalera-less Sep does. Consequently, Iggor’s legacy only continues to grow and grow.

Cavalera Conspiracy’s third full-length, Pandemonium, comes out Tuesday, November 4 on Napalm Records (pre-order it here). To celebrate, we asked Iggor to put together a righteous Spotify playlist. The resulting collection of ten songs demonstrates the breadth of Iggor’s musical tastes, reminding us, once again, that metal d00dz don’t have to keep it br00tal all the time.

Listen to Iggor’s playlist below, and enjoy our brief chat about the playlist at the bottom of this post!

This is quite a diverse playlist! Is there something you feel all of these tracks have in common despite their overt differences?

Yes, it is quite diverse. Musically, these tracks might sound very distant from one another, but I really love the energy of all of them, and in the end the playlist makes total sense to me.

There are some bands on here that are quite a bit younger and were, in all likelihood, influenced by Sepultura. Do you, in turn, feel influenced by them? What have you learned/taken away from some of these younger bands?

There is some new blood here, and if they are somehow influenced by any of my work, I feel very honored. And yes, I’m still a fan and a researcher of music.

Your love of non-metal music is already well-documented, as well as being represented here. How, if at all, does this non-metal influence your work with Cavalera Conspiracy?

The fact is that I always liked different kinds of music, and thats why I started Mixhell, my main project with my wife. Experimenting so much with Mixhell allows me to do a very minimalistic style of drumming with Cavalera Conspiracy.

What would you say to an impatient listener who doesn’t “get” the deliberately-paced, mostly ambient “Desert Storm” by Vatican Shadow? What do you find interesting about the track?

Vatican Shadow is one of my favorites! I quite understand other people not getting the pace of their music, but to be honest, this is what makes them special.

Finally: favorite Tom Cruise performance?

Anything with Tom Cruise is already a big reason not to watch a movie, but he was okay playing the yuppie in Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut.

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