New Video: The Crown’s Night of the “Headhunter”

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The Crown Headhunter

It seems like a thousand years ago that we gabbed with Marko Tervonen of The Crown about the band’s upcoming eighth album, Death Is Not Dead (out January 13). Way back then, he explained that it felt natural to have screamer Johan Lindstrand back (again), and that he was pumped for a proper Crown creation after the unusual circumstances of their 2009 album Doomsday King. But since our talk — that was 2011! — The Crown has parted with Tervonen’s partner in guitars Marcus Sunesson and with OG drummer Janne Saarenpaa.

So here in 2014, we know that Tervonen didn’t get his wish for a smooth delivery of his band’s new baby. And like Doomsday King, the new album’s drum tracks were created in the lab — which is a big deal for a band whose vibe is built on real human beats. And with Doomsday King, it’s the second album with no Sunesson — which is another big deal cuz his leads and themes, too, are a huge part of The Crown’s appeal. So we’re basically left to ask, Will the new album, like Doomsday King, enter the Crown discography bearing an asterisk?

Probably, but this time it won’t matter. Why not? Well, the most vital parts of The Crown’s identity are all over Death‘s first single, “Headhunter”: The Hall Of Fame-level songwriting of Tervonen and bassist Marcus Olsfelt — the jam feels like one of their glorious Hell Is Here co-writes — and Lindstrand’s awesome vocals! In exchange for those, fans will happily concede drum vibe and guitar solos! New video below and get the 7″/download tomorrow.

The Crown’s Death Is Not Dead is slated for a January 13 release via Century Media.

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