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Exclusive: Sarcator Imagine a “Grave Maggot Future” with Ripping New Single


Can someone tell me what the hell’s been going on in those Scandinavian countries for the last couple decades?! Is it the government subsidies for artists to ply their craft? Is it the better healthcare system? Maybe it’s the water. Whatever it is, it’s definitely potent as hell because “Grave Maggot Future,” the new single from Swedish blackened thrash metal band Sarcator, effing rips.

Fronted by Mateo Tervonen, son of The Crown’s rhythm guitarist Marko Tervonen, these four young men — ranging from 17 to 23 years old — are each a thrasher in their own right. It’s obvious they’ve advanced beyond their years in the “write sick tunes” department. And this track off their second album Alkahest puts that fact front and center.

Leading up to the track’s premiere, the band said they chose this track because it was indicative of the rest of Alkahest.

“‘Grave Maggot Future’ — three words that connected right away with the song. It’s an apocalyptic and thrashy punk bomb that we felt would be a suiting first single.

“It is the first glimpse of what you may find on this album, along with lawless madness and ambient serenity.”

“Grave Maggot Future” starts off with an slow and building intro that ramps into a particularly badass track that smashes thrash and black metal elements into a undeniable svartsoppa of metal.

While they may be young, they’re not newcomers to the blackened thrash metal scene. They’ve already put out two EPs and a full-length self-titled album in 2020 and were nominated last year for the P3 Gold radio listeners award for Best Swedish Metal Group.

So take a listen to the track below and see if you can hear their influences. Maybe you can hear some At the Gates, Dissection, Kreator, or The Crown, to name a few.

Sarcator’s Alkahest is slated to come out on October 21 and is available for preorder and digital presave via Black Lion Records.

Exclusive: Sarcator Imagine a “Grave Maggot Future” with Ripping New Single

Sarcator, Alkahest

  1. Ascend
  2. Perdition’s Hand
  3. Grave Maggot Future
  4. Dreameater
  5. The Long Lost
  6. He Who Comes from the Dark
  7. Devil Sun
  8. Sorrow’s Verse
  9. Alkahest
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