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L.A. Man Will Trade 1997 Ford Escort for Slayer Tickets


Ford Escort 4 SlayerToday’s metal touring scene is better than ever: now that royalties are a less reliable or even nonexistent form of income, bands are forced to hit the road to tour pretty much constantly in order to make any money. And while this may seem like an embarrassment of riches for fans, it presents something of a conundrum: how can we possibly afford to go see all these awesome shows??

Enter Jake, a man from L.A., who has a solution: selling his car — a 1997 Ford Escort LX — an extremely bold move for any Angeleno, in an effort to raise enough cash to see Slayer at The Forum on November 14th (desperate times call for desperate measures). Check out his highly entertaining pitch in the video he created for the cause, below, which apparently spoofs a Lincoln ad featuring Matthew McConaughey (news to me… I rarely watch live TV anymore).

Someone should take Jake up on this offer stat — I mean, shit, the car’s got “three newish tires!” If I lived in L.A. I’d totally consider it: this 1997 beast sure beats the 1988 Honda Accord that’s currently lugging me around.

Thanks: Brian F. 

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