Hot Tip: Vinnie Paul on How to Cure a Hangover

  • Axl Rosenberg

vinnie paul pickle juiceHangovers are arguably the second-worst thing in the world, after Thy Art is Murder. I’ve been told that dying of thirst feels like pretty much the worst hangover you could possibly have (which makes sense, since a hangover is caused by dehydration), which only makes me hope that should I ever find myself stranded in the desert, I have a gun with me so I can blow my fucking brains out and get it over with.

So I’m always game to hear people’s hangover remedy suggestions… although, truth be told, “hair of the dog that bit you” is the only one which has ever worked for me.

Then again, I never tried this advice, recently bestowed upon Lubbock’s 94.5 FMX by one Mr. Vinnie Paul:

“There’s a couple of things. There’s two things that would really do it for you. Obviously, the one that people are pretty aware of that we’ve been doing for years, which is pedialyte [the electrolyte-loaded liquid, which is given to dehydrated babies]. It definitely has about, I don’t know, ten times the electrolytes of Gatorade or anything like that. [Drink] a bottle of that and that’ll get you back on the right track. And then, to me, even a more immediate cure, which I discovered that I really love, is pickle juice, man. I don’t know what it is, but something about the vinegar gets up right up to your muscles and rehydrates you and gets you back going. I drink almost a bottle of pickle juice every day, man, and it keeps me going great.”

Like Vin says, the pedialyte thing has been around since forever, so that’s not really a great tip. But the pickle juice thing… holy crap! I love pickles. Is it weird to say I’m actually kinda looking forward to my next hangover (coming to my poor head this Saturday morning!) so I can test this out? If it works, it may be the second best piece of advice anyone has ever given me, after “don’t listen to Thy Art is Murder.”

You can listen to the audio of this pickleticular interview below.

[via Metal Injection]

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