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And the New Drummer for Hate Eternal is…

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Chason Westmoreland!

chason westmoreland hate eternal 2014

So who the hell is Chason Westmoreland? Well, in addition to being a dude with the best name for a soap opera villain ever, Sick Drummer reports that the twenty-five-year-old Moreland is a (now former?) member of Burning The Masses. He’s also filled-in live for Fallujah, Enfold Darkness, and Oceano. In other words: he’s in high demand. So even if the bands on his resumé aren’t your cup of tea, chances are, the guy can play his ass off.

Says Hate Eternal mastermind Erik Rutan of the group’s latest skinsman:

“Please give a warm welcome to our new drummer Chason Westmoreland!!! We are extremely excited to have Chason join Hate Eternal and add his monstrous style to the band! Chason is an incredibly dynamic drummer and has really added a powerful and beastly element to the band and our new record. Chason has finished all of his drum tracking and did an amazing job!! We cannot wait to finish and release the new Hate Eternal album for a 2015 release!! Lots of touring to follow! [On Sick Drummer] There is a brief interview with Chason and I as well as some RAW audio/video footage from a GoPro in Mana Recording Studios!! Enjoy!…….RUTAN”

Here’s that video footage to which Rutan refers:

So, uh, yeah. He’ll do.

Moreland joins a long lineage of illustrious drummers to play in Hate Eternal, including Tim Yeung, Derek Roddy, and, most recently, Jade Simonetto, who left the band a year ago to further pursue his musical education. Simonetto was only nineteen when he joined Hate Eternal, making Westmoreland practically an old man by comparison. But I’d wager Rutan is happy he can now legally give his drummer a beer.

ANYWAY, head over to Sick Drummer to read the interview with Moreland. Then head over to your local drug store to purchase some sedatives so you can remain calm while you continue to patiently await Hate Eternal’s next crushing masterpiece.

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