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Put On Your Black Suit, it’s Time to Attend Bloodbath’s “Grand Morbid Funeral”



To be completely honest, I’m not entirely sure what the hell “grand morbid funeral” means — it sounds like a phrase made up by someone whose first language isn’t English (which may very well be case). Maybe we’re supposed to read it as “grand, morbid funeral,” and they just forgot the comma, or decided it looked more metal without it? I dunno I dunno I dunno.

I also don’t care, because Grand Morbid Funeral, the new album from Bloodbath, totally wrecks, and so does the title track, which is, indeed, both grand and morbid. And DAT RIFF! I’m not gonna use a particular term I often use to describe riffs because I know I might use it too much, but… it rhymes with “melephants arching.”

Check out the title track from Grand Morbid Funeral below, courtesy of The album comes out November 17 on Peaceville.

[via The PRP]

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