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“Famine of God’s Word”: New Bloodbath Song is Fun for Metal Lovers of All Ages


IMG_2079-0.JPGMetal Injection reports that during a recent interview with Queen of Steel, Bloodbath (and also Katatonia) guitarist Per “Sodomizer” Eriksson took an interesting approach to promoting the band’s new album, Grand Morbid Funeral: he attempted to dissuade anyone under the age of thirty from even giving the record a shot. “Contemporary ‘core’ metal fans and purists of melodeath are not gonna enjoy this album, that’s for sure,” asserted the guitarist before wondering aloud, “But maybe their dads will?” Then the head of marketing for the band’s label, Peaceville, opened his office window and leapt to his death.

This is a very sad story, of course, not least of all because even I think Eriksson wasn’t giving “contemporary” fans enough credit. Okay, so maybe Grand Morbid Funeral has zero chance of cracking the top forty and landing Bloodbath that oh-so-coveted Outburn cover, but that was never gonna happen anyway (just ask Cryptopsy). The band’s new song, “Famine of God’s Word,” is a ripper, and while it may not appeal to Thy Art is Murder fans, nothing appeals to Thy Art is Murder fans besides Thy Art is Murder music and playing with their own feces. The young people I saw go totally apeshit for Decrepit Birth and Origin at this year’s Summer Slaughter are just as likely to enjoy this as someone who is now struggling with the question, “What do I do about my gray pubes?”

Which is why I think you should check out “Famine of God’s Word” below (courtesy of Revolver), even if you were born in the 90s or later. Because someday you’re gonna have your first prostate exam and think “What did I ever see in Emmure?”, but Bloodbath’s music will very likely still hold up. Crank it:

Grand Morbid Funeral comes out November 17 on Peaceville. The label is currently accepting applications for a new head of marketing.

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