Lacking Sack: AC/DC’s “Play Ball” Video is a @#$%&! Embarrassment

  • Axl Rosenberg

ACDC Play Ball VideoNot since Slayer’s incredible crappy clip for “World Painted Blood” have we a seen a band this prominent release a video this bad — and AC/DC are, of course, way bigger than Slayer, so you could argue that this is even worse. The chroma key… the Maxim “Girls of Sports” footage… the “funny” vintage film… it all adds up to a clip that’s about as fresh and cool as an un-wiped anus on the sun. We’ve been told that Phil Rudd wasn’t present for the shoot either because of a “family emergency” or because he was trying to have someone whacked, but, really, it seems pretty clear that now that the real reason he missed filming is because he was the only member of the band who had the good sense to stay far, far away from this drek.

AC/DC’s new album, Rock or Bust, comes out December 2.

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