Nicki Minaj Cites Metalocalypse as an Influence on Her Controversial New Video

  • Axl Rosenberg

nicki minaj dethklokUpdate, 12:47 p.m. Metal Injection reports that Metalocalypse‘s Brendon Small has responded thusly:

A+++++++++ WDBWA

Original story follows:

As you may or may not already be aware, the not-even-remotely-metal Nicki Minaj has landed in some hot water this week after releasing a lyric video for her new single, “Only,” which, alas, is not a cover of the Anthrax anthem. The source of the public outcry has been the video’s use of imagery which is immediately identifiable as being Nazi-esque. I don’t think the video is any more offensive than those of some metal bands who have used similar imagery, which is to say, yes, it’s misguided and dumb, but no, I don’t think it’s worth everyone getting their collective panties in a twist over. But panties have been twisted! So now Minaj has to explain herself I guess. According to Rolling Stone, the XL-tush’d rapper has since taken “full responsibility” for the clip, and used the “Some of my best friends are Jewish!” defense in an effort to put an end to the brouhaha. She also offered this explanation regarding the video’s visuals:

That artist’s name is Jeffrey Osborne (no relation to Buzz as far as we know); he’s spoken out about the video as well, but no one will ever know what he said because he made his statements to MySpace and it’s 20-fucking-14.

Looking at the clip, the animation style is vaguely reminiscent of Metalocalypse, although I don’t know that anyone’s mind would make the connection if Minaj hadn’t drawn attention to it. Regardless, I’m not sure what the hell it has to do with anything — I can’t recall there ever being any similar imagery on Metalocalypse.

I know some metal fans think Minaj is trying to scapegoat the program, but I don’t think that’s the case, either — I think she’s just desperately trying to prove that she’s not a Nazi or an anti-semite (which is ridiculous, because a) no duh she’s not a Nazi, and b) I just assume everyone is an anti-semite until proven otherwise).

Still, I’m sure the creators of Metalocalypse would rather not have been dragged into this whole mess. The silver lining, I guess, is that they just got a ton of free publicity. Thanks, Nicki!

Thanks: NRKee

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