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I Hate Myself Enough to Check Out the Djent-Rap Band Hacktivist’s New Song and Video for You


hacktivistHere’s what I’m dying to know about Hacktivist: are there people who are genuinely into this band? Or do people just show up to gawk?

It’s been three years now since Hacktivist burst upon the scene and two years since they released their self-titled EP. Where there once was morbid curiosity and confusion the metal world over, now there is… well, what exactly? That’s what I’m wondering.

Yesterday the band released a new song and video called “Deceive and Defy,” which was released as a single but will reportedly also appear on the band’s debut full-length, no release date yet set. And it’s got 23,000+ YouTube views already. So I guess that answers the “do people care” question. Still: are there real fans or just rubberneckers? If real fans, who are they? People too young to know that Linkin Park sucked the first time around? People who like Skrillex but enjoy distorted guitars also? I don’t know. I’m confused. I’m old. Enlighten me.

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