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Sweet Video Tutorial: How to Dial in Heavy Guitar Tones in the Studio

  • Axl Rosenberg

Fricker Dial InRemember when there was that magician who went on television and told the world how all these famous tricks are done, and all the other magicians got pissed at him (and, yeah, he was the basis for Gob on Arrested Development)? I wonder if other producers and engineers feel that way about Spectre Sound Studios‘ Glenn Fricker: “HE’S GIVING AWAY ALL OUR SECRETS!!!”

Whatever. Fuck those folks if they’re cranky: their loss is your gain (no pun intended). Once Glenn has made enough of these bad boys, you will officially be out of excuses to send us demos that sound like they were recorded inside a dog’s vagina. It’s not the 80s anymore, friends! The days of putting a tape recorder in the middle of the room, jamming, and then sending copies of the tape out to labels and media are over. Time to get your shit together.

Here’s Glenn’s latest video produced in association with Gear Gods, in which The Angriest Man in Canada teaches you how to dial in heavy tones in the studio. I can’t imagine anyone who wants to learn about recording won’t find it invaluable. Watch it, learn it, do it:


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