Phil That Remains Thinks That T-Swift’s Songwriting “Smoke(s)” Most Metal – And I Agree


phil swiftAccording to Phil Labonte’s Facebook post late yesterday, he thinks that “Taylor Swift writes songs that smoke all the show offs in “metal””.

Phil Labonte Taylor Swift


This of course led to a poo typhoon of severely divided comments, some congratulating him on his candor and agreeing, and some congratulating him for being a poser and a moron.

I happen to strongly agree with Phil on this point.

Now, before you go apeshit (and I know that you’re going to, I just want you to hear me out first) Phil is talking here about songwriting, not instrumental virtuosity. Obviously she doesn’t rip on drums or shred on guitar, and her vocal chops aren’t quite Mariah Carey. But her songs ARE, in my soon-to-be-ridiculed opinion, an imperial FUCK ton better than a lot of the shit that metal bands are churning out these days.

A well written song can take any form. The difference between genres has everything to do with aesthetics and production and nothing to do with notes and words. The chords, lyrics, and melody notes don’t change, and you change just about anything else while still retaining the essence of the song. This is why wacky cover versions and mashups rule the internet – a great song is a great song, and that’s why they never die.

Now, if you think TayTay can’t sing or play, or she has a stupid face, or hate her fans, or whatever, you could be right. But the songs she writes (or has written for her/collaborates on) are killer. Hooks for days, heartfelt lyrics, and always some signature musical twist that becomes rooted deep in your brain like a barbed broadhead arrow. Modern metal bands could stand to learn a lot from her about this (and also about BRANDING).

So what Phil Labonte is saying is that metal bands are maybe too wanky and don’t have enough heart, and that they could take a page from the Book of Swift, and I think he’s right.

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