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Creed’s Scott Stapp is Broke, Living at a Holiday Inn

  • Axl Rosenberg

Scott Stapp and Robert Z'DarCreed vocalist Scott Stapp (above left), who increasingly resembles the cherubism-afflicted Maniac Cop star Robert Z’Dar (above right), has posted the below video message on Creed’s Facebook page. In the Real World-style confessional, Stapp reveals that he has fallen on very hard financial times, and no one has their arms wide open for him. He also smacks his lips so many times I wish I could give him a glass of water through the internet.

I know I should have more sympathy for Stapp, and if his worst offense was just making music I despise, I would. But let us not forget, the guy is also just an all-around douche. For one thing, this class act was once arrested for attempting to beat his wife with a glass bottle. Also, cheating your taxes when you make that much money is just gross, and doubly so when you claim to believe in God’s word. And finally… this whole story just smells bullshitty to me. The IRS froze his accounts and he was hacked and he’s living in a Holiday Inn because he has NO FRIENDS OR FAMILY that are willing to help him out? (Incidentally, Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti recently revealed that he hasn’t spoken to Stapp in years.) So, basically, the entire universe is conspiring against Scott Stapp. Sure, seems plausible and not all paranoid.

And I know some of you are reading this and thinking, “Hey, Axl, you truly are a worthless piece of shit, you don’t know that Stapp is lying and that he cheated the IRS and he was struggling with addiction when he tried to see what his wife would look like with glass shards in her face.” Well, y’know what? If Stapp is really so pure and I’m really such scum, let Christ strike me dead right n

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