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Former KISS Guitarist Vinnie Vincent is Selling All of His Guitars… and a Lotta Other Strange Sh*t


vinnie vincent belt for saleThe bizarre and depressing case of Vinnie Vincent gets even more bizarre and depressing: the former KISS guitarist (and longtime MetalSucks fave), who has fallen on hard times as of late, has now set up a (very poorly designed and ill-functioning) website to auction off many, if not all, of his guitars, as well as various other pieces of memorabilia.

Which obviously is not unheard of… except, in this case, many of the items for sale run from the strange (the belt he wore on the cover of Lick it Up) to the stranger (his passport from the period when he was in KISS) to the strangest (a replica of a KISS billboard on which he is not even featured) to the strangerest (the copyright to all of Vinnie Vincent’s music). And, of course, he’s asking a ton of money for all of these items: forget buying one of the guitars, the cheapest of which is still over $100K, but even the KISS contract he refused to sign (“sparking decades of controversy and litigation between Vinnie and KISS,” the site boasts) will run you ten grand. That’s not a typo: Vincent wants $10,000 for an unsigned contract. I’m kinda shocked he isn’t trying to get $5K for a tissue he used to blow his nose while touring with KISS or something like that.

It’s clear, and has been for some time, that Vincent is not a well man, mental health-wise. But I still find this very sad. In his heyday, Vincent was such an incredible guitarist. His story should have a happier ending than this.

If you’re interested, you can see the entire auction here.

Thanks: Ben H.

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