How to Deal with Religious Fanatics Protesting Metal Concerts

  • Axl Rosenberg

is your god perfectDid last month’s religious anti-GWAR protest (or really any religious protest against a metal band or musician) make you wanna crucify some motherfuckers? You’re obviously not alone if it did — everyone hates these fucking assholes. Still, violence really never solves anything, except for the question of “How do I get the government to house me, feed me, give me a free gym membership, and look the other way while someone rapes me on a regular basis?”

So you will very likely find this instructional video by Spectre Sound Studios head honcho and Gear Gods contributor Glenn Fricker very helpful, vis-à-vis striking back at God-lovin’ nutjobs without getting sent to prison. In, Glenn presents some questions you can ask the devout to get them to shut their yaps, at least momentarily. Glenn forgot the most obvious question of all — “If there’s such a thing as God, why does Thy Art is Murder exist???” — but most of his suggestions are top-notch. Watch:

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