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Cobalt Set New Record for “Shortest Reunion Ever”


Cobalt Duo

Update, 11:46 a.m.: Adrien Begrand has tipped us off that Phil “has been spewing misogynist/homophobic slurs on Facebook to other musicians.” So fuck that guy (Phil, not Adrien, duh). You can read all about McSorely’s recent antics here.

Original story follows:

Jeezy pete, 2014 has been a roller coaster ride of emotions for Cobalt fans. First, in March, Phil McSorley announced he was leaving the duo. Then, barely a month later, McSorley announced that he was back in. And now, nearly eight months to the day after that announcement, the other half of Cobalt, Erik Wunder, has announced that McSorely is back out again. From Cobalt’s Facebook page:

It is with great sadness that I have to announce the following: I will be moving forward with Cobalt without my brother Phil. His recent activities have made it impossible for the two of us to continue on a creative path. We started Cobalt 12 years ago, and our music has carried us through many storms. I am extremely proud of what we have done. But our ideals no longer match, and it is time to keep going. I’ve been working rigorously on the material for ‘Slow Forever’, and I am set to enter the studio in June 2015 to begin tracking. The loss of Phil is a devastating blow, but I can’t let what has happened stop me from completing my work. I am still unclear as to who will be doing the vocals on the album. I have some people in mind. Or I may do them myself. We’ll see. But it is ultimately sad to lose Phil’s relentless presence and savage force. More will be posted as it develops. Thank you to everyone who has supported Cobalt over the years and continues to support the band.
Erik W.

I have no idea what Wunder means by McSorely’s “recent activities,” but something is clearly up here for McSorely to leave, re-join, and re-leave the outfit inside of a calendar year. At this point, you can’t even get too bummed about the news, because McSorely could very well be back in the band by the time this article is published. McSorely and Wunder are so on-again, off-again that they’ve become metal’s answer to Ross and Rachel.

We’ll let you know when/if McSorely releases a statement of his own.

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