Not Quite Metal?

Pop’s Most Metal Singer/Songwriter St. Vincent Has a New Video for “Birth in Reverse”


St Vincent / Dimebag DarrellNo, St. Vincent isn’t metal. But she grew up a metalhead and she’s still got a certain fondness for the genre, one that sometimes seeps into her music in a less than subtle way. And she’s an exceptional guitar player no matter which way you look at it.

So: perhaps some of our more open-minded MetalSucks readers will enjoy a look at her new video for “Birth in Reverse.” I dig the way the guitars and keyboards interweave with one another throughout this song — sometimes it’s difficult to tell which is which, especially in the end section — and how her voice is cool and controlled, yet somehow possesses a character that feels as if it might fly off the rails at any moment.

The song comes from her self-titled album, out now, and available to stream in full on Spotify.

[via Guitar World]

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