Wintersun’s Jari Mäenpää is Complaining on the Internet Again


Wintersun studioThe Internet rants of Wintersun mastermind Jari Mäenpää are now the stuff of legends, entertaining even to those of us who couldn’t give less fucks about Wintersun’s music.

So buckle yourself in: now there’s more!

MetalSucks tipster Thomas S. sent us a link to Jari’s latest rant on Facebook. The topic this time: Jari is complaining about people complaining about Jari complaining about money. Got all that?

Here’s his post in full:

It´s funny how some people criticize us for not being able to produce albums or produce them fast enough, because we simply don´t have the money to produce them. But then when we are trying to make some money, so that we could make albums, we get criticized for that. I´m confused hahah!

Wish these people would make up their minds what they want. Do these people want us to be commercial and make albums? Or do they want us to stay non-commercial, stay underground and pretty much give up on any dreams of making albums?

Allow me to attempt to paraphrase the general feeling and frustration among people who care about Wintersun way more than I do: It’s not that people want Wintersun to be commercial, or underground, or anything in between — it’s that they want Jari to stop whining about everything along the way! He’s been given a record deal with one of the world’s biggest labels and he’s already burned through the money they’ve provided for an album; stop being such an entitled nitwit and do your job! Plenty of great bands get by on way, WAY less.

The ensuing Facebook comments are of course hilarious, with posts ranging from “do what you love, for yourself and those who love you and support you” to “It’s funny when people having contract with one of most greatest labels in a world wasting their Time in a saunas and feeding their fan crowd with empty promises.” Read them all here for a good laugh.

I honestly don’t care much one way or the other whether Time II ever comes out as long as Jari continues to provide us with entertainment in the form of these amusing Facebook posts. Keep ’em coming!

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