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Listen: Dir En Grey Back From The Abyss on Arche

  • Anso DF


Because December is a blur of shopping, eating, and clock-watching, it’s natural for anyone to overlook low- and medium-profile new releases. So let’s confirm that everybody knows about the December 10 release of Dir En Grey’s ninth record, Arche (“Aru-kay”). DEG is a profoundly weird and dark band that’s spent three straight albums on successively distant and barren moons. But their podules have hurtled back into Earth’s orbit for Arche: Like their breakthrough albums Vulgar and Withering To Death (pre-super weirdness), their newest is comprehensible yet constructed of hardly recognizable materials. It runs through the reeds wearing corpsepaint, it staggers through Deftones-style murk, it splits its own organs like Naked City; its singer is like a horror movie’s wimpiest character who isn’t heeded until his torso explodes and black goo rockets out his mouth. It proposes a reality in which Filter’s Title Of Record is authored not by a drunk from Chicago but by five wispy extreme metal aliens whose appearance arouses baffling sexual feelings in fans of Babymetal. Crank it up!

Get Dir En Grey’s Arche here and here.

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