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Vortex of Clutter’s Eclipse of Reason Beyond Time is a Vortex of Awesome

  • Axl Rosenberg

vortex_of_clutter___eclipse_of_reason_beyond_timeI didn’t hear Vortex of Clutter‘s Eclipse of Reason Beyond Time in, uh, time for it to make my 2014 year-end list, and spaces on that list were so competitive that I’m not sure they would have made it anyway. But that doesn’t mean the album isn’t awesome!

As the band’s name suggests, they play tech-infused death metal; not as the band’s name suggests, their music never devolves into riff salad. The Turkish quintet place a lot of emphasis on the spindly, nimble fretwork of guitarists Zafer Tunaboylu and Ali Sak and Can Yildiz’s AK-47 drumming, but on the basest (not bassist) level, the songs just rock. Vortex of Clutter aren’t as heavy (or as good) as Rivers of Nihil, but that’s kinda the vibe they have going.

Eclipse is actually the band’s sophomore full-length — their debut, Source of Sickness, came out in 2011. I haven’t had a chance to check that album yet, but based on Eclipse, I’m very excited to do so.

You can stream Eclipse of Reason Beyond Time below, via Spotify. Be sure to keep up with the band on Facebook too, okay?

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