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Listen: Experience Benighted’s Live ‘Flesh’


Benighted Brutalive

Around the time of Hellfest 2014, two members of Benighted peaced out. Less than two months later and with two new guys, Benighted recorded their set at France’s Sylak Open Air fest for a live DVD. That’s a quick turnaround for a new line-up of a group that plays fast as fuck, still that may not be the reason that Brutalive The Sick, which arrives in February on CD/DVD, sounds awesome and imprecise. Well, that at least is how we can describe its second premiere track “Experience Your Flesh” (below via Lambgoat). It rips (more on that later), but their performance isn’t perfectly tight and nothing so poetic as “loosely tight” or whatever.

Though, again, that’s probably not the result of new guys getting in sync. Instead, “Experience” seems to capture a band in the process of expending a great amount of great energy. So that’s my theory: Benighted is too pumped to play with hyper-precision and probably unwilling to blow the vibe on stage in service of doing what dorks respect. This is rock ‘n roll, not watchmaking. It rips!

We can expect the rest of Brutalive to be awesome, too. After all, the men of Benighted probably needed to experience it for themselves that day, to witness that the pair of departures wouldn’t cripple the band. So they threw down at Sylak. Plus, their adrenaline must’ve been wild whenever they accidentally imagined the moment when all of us sat down to listen to the shit. Whatever, it worked out. The result is rippage.

Benighted’s live CD/DVD Brutalive The Sick is out February 23 via Season Of Mist. First premiere track here. Teaser here. Pre-order here and here.
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