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Listen to the New Black Sheep Wall Album or I’m Going to Kill Myself


Black Sheep Wall’s new full-length, I’m Going to Kill Myself, may very well end up having the best album art of 2015:Black Sheep Wall -- I'm Going to Kill MyselfOf course, great album art don’t mean jack diddly if you ain’t got the music to back it up. Which Black Sheep Wall most certainly does: the music sounds every bit as desperate as you’d expect from an album called I’m Going to Kill Myself. It really does feel like it was made by a guy at the end of his rope.

I’m Going to Kill Myself comes out January 27 on Season of Mist, but you can listen to the entire thing right now over at Lambgoat. The highlight, in my opinion, is the thirty-four-minute track (!) called “Metallica” (!!!). Because if there’s one thing which makes metal people suicidal, it’s Metallica! Rimshot!

Listen here. I’m not really going to kill myself if you don’t, so should you decide to skip it, you’re really only hurting yourself.

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