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Tour Guides From Hell: Lord Dying Guitarist/Vocalist Erik Olson Shares his Top Five Record Stores to Hit While Touring the Western U.S.

Background artwork by Thibault Fischer
Background artwork by Thibault Fischer

Portland sludge metal masters Lord Dying will release their second full-length, Poisoned Altars, on Relapse Records this Tuesday, January 27 (pre-order physical copies here and digital copies here)… and if you dug their debut, 2013’s Summon the Faithless, you ain’t heard nuthin’ yet. Altars blows that album right the fuck out of the water.

Stream the entire album below (courtesy of Loud Wire), then read what vocalist/guitarist Erik Olson has to say about his favorite record shops to visit while touring the western United States. There are some killer tips in there…

I know it’s hard for a lot of bands to do any record shopping while on tour due to how expensive the road can be, but sometimes if you decide to take a night or two off from drinking, you might have a little extra cash. And when I do, I like to go record shopping. These are the top five record shops I like to go to when touring the western States.

1. Vacation Vinyl (Los Angeles, CA)

This store rules! It has lots of new and used vinyl. Tons of punk, metal, and hardcore. I always see lots of killer scores decently priced, and they give a 10% discount to touring bands! Last time I was there I picked up a first pressing of Entombed’s Left Hand Path for $35, and our drummer Rob [Shaffer] picked up Age Eternal from Middian for $30. Total score!

2. Blackwater Records (Portland, OR)

This store is run by punks and metalheads and always has one of the best selections you can find. Lots of killer used punk and metal records. The dudes that own the record store also run an awesome DIY venue where I’ve seen lots of great shows. Last time I was there I got Fuckin’ Death by Death Strike for $15!

3. Raunch Records (Salt Lake City, UT)

This record store has been around a long time and has a great selection of new/used underground punk and metal and tons of shirts/patches etc. They also sell skate decks. Last time I was in Raunch, I picked up the Morbosidad/Psuedogod split 12” for $10. Not bad!

4. Zion’s Gate (Seattle, WA)

This shop has an insane collection of underground and older, hard-to-find metal records. It’s in the Capitol Hill area, so there’s plenty of bars and restaurants, too, if only a few of you want to go record shopping. Last time I was there I got Morbid Angel’s Domination for $30!

5. Amoeba Music (Berkeley, CA)

This store has so many records of all genres, you can get lost all day. Also, it’s in Berkeley, so there’s plenty of other stuff to do if some people don’t want to go record shopping. Last time I was in there I got a copy of Dissection’s The Somberlain for $20. Sure, it was a reissue — but I’m not complaining!

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