Watch: Here’s Metallica Night At NHL Hockey Game


Metallica Night San Jose Sharks

If you and I ran the publicity department for an NHL team, we’d make it our first priority to identify a celebrity image to rub all over our brand. So let’s tip caps to the geniuses working for the San Jose Sharks, if not for their originality then for their powers of persuasion to free up a few hundred grand to rent most of Metallica for a very special game night. That event is sure to sell out and move a metric asston of one-off merch, plus Metallica-watchers like us will immortalize this moment via news and shares. Plus, Hetfield seems cooler to his kids and Ulrich seems annoyed and/or dying for a rail. Hmm, how much time should elapse before it’s cool for the L.A. Kings organization to stage Slayer Night? Slagel can hook up that shit!


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