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Oceano Get Back to Doing What They Do Best on “Dawn of Descent”


screaming armadilloOceano’s “Dead Planet,” the debut single from their new album Ascendants, shocked the world by being recognizable as music. For awhile, it really did feel as though up was down, black was white, Hetfield loves Mustaine.  And so we wondered: “Could this be the start of a new chapter for the reviled deathcore band?!?!”

Well, high school kids who have a long future with the McDonald’s Corporation ahead of them can breathe easy: with “Dawn of Descent,” the sophomore single from Ascendants, the band is back to making the aural equivalent of jailhouse slop. There are parts of this song that I assume are just the sounds of an obese man’s rumbling tummy, recorded from inside a Porta Potty bowl. The sound of a hundred screaming armadillos would probably sound less like meaningless noise than this song does.

Stream “Dawn of Descent” below, if you must. Ascendant comes out March 23 on Earache.

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