New Demon Hunter Video Will Be The “Death” of You


demon hunter deathI’m not one to jump on the Demon Hunter hate bandwagon. They’re a band that is capable of writing a good song – this just isn’t one.

Where to begin? This HAS to be the opening track to their album Extremist, because the intro is almost a full minute long – more than a THIRD of the whole track. When the song kicks in, it STILL sounds like an intro, or like a never-ending verse with no hook in sight. A droning, diminished riff like a mosquito in your ear, some bland chugging, and sub-par song structuring make for a feeling of endlessness despite a song length of only 2:35.

When the song ends, despite the feeling of never-ending introduction, you are left feeling like it never even started. The performance footage looks good, but I really don’t think this warranted the effort of shooting a video for.

I think this band is capable of far better, and I’m willing to give them a do-over. Better luck next time?

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