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Max Cavalera Finds Melechesh‘s “Lost Tribes”

  • Axl Rosenberg

melechesh - enkiMax Cavalera and Melechesh may seem like odd bedfellows at first, given that Melechesh’s output is about as far away from “Jumpdafuckup”/Soulfly territory as a band can get. But when you think about it, they’re actually a natural fit, seeing as how they both incorporate elements of their native region’s non-metal music into their work. And they’re also labelmates now.

So it’s not that surprising to find Cavalera guesting on “Lost Tribes,” the new Melechesh song. For the reasons I stated above, yes, but also because of the song’s lyrical subject matter: trying to find the misplaced demos for a version of Soulfly’s “Tribe” that isn’t terrible.

Jam “Lost Tribes” below. It will appear on Melechesh’s new album, Enki, which comes out March 2 on Nuclear Blast.

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