Slipknot’s Sid Wilson is a Balla


sid wilson and ralph salt

Ralph Salt, bar pianist at a club in England for five decades, recently had what was probably the best night of his career, thanks to Slipknot turntablist Sid Wilson. Salt describes his recent encounter with the DJ thusly:

“Sid was a real gentleman and couldn’t have been further removed from his Slipknot persona. He was very appreciative of my performance and even asked me to play my choice of sentimental song as an encore. I thought a Joe Cocker song was the perfect choice, given his recent passing, and Sid listened intently throughout.

“It’s fair to say I was presented with the biggest tip I’ve ever had in my career and it couldn’t have come from a more unlikely candidate!”

That tip was €100, or about $113, which may not sound like a whole lot in the scheme of things, but is obviously a spectacular sum when you make your living by passing a bucket around in-between sets. And Slipknot make bank, so it was quite menschy of Wilson to help out a fellow musician that.

Also menschy of Wilson: redeeming metal in the eyes of lounge musicians everywhere. The genre got a shitty rep thanks to the Sebastian Bach debacle of 2010, during which the former Skid Row vocalist was arrested after getting violent at a bar because the resident musician wouldn’t allow him to perform with the permission of the establishment’s manager. I guess even with the mask, Wilson feels like he gets enough attention without bullying people who aren’t famous.

[via Metal Insider]


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