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Another Reason The Grammys Blow: “In Memoriam” Segment Disses Dave Brockie and Wayne Static

  • Axl Rosenberg

I’m sorry to harp on this Grammys bullshit, but I just read this on Metal Insider

“You might remember last year’s “In Memoriam” video when they left out two-time Grammy winner Jeff Hanneman, co-founding guitarist of Slayer, which was a complete travesty. Well, the 57th Grammy awards fail again, and don’t include Dave ‘Oderus Urungus’ Brockie from GWAR, and Wayne Static of Static-X, both of whom passed away in 2014.”

…and then I did one of these:

gwar madI wasn’t even a Wayne Static fan and I find that shit disrespectful… but the exclusion of Oderus REALLY chaps my ass, especially in light of the fact that GWAR were nominated in 1996 for the song “S.F.W.” In other words, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences — the fuckwads who give these stupid awards out — we definitely aware of GWAR’s existence.

It’s not like we’re pissed that they left out a member of Lake Bukkake or Yog Sogolgoth or some under deep, deep, deep underground band. THEY MISSED ONE OF THEIR OWN NOMINEES JUST A YEAR AFTER MISSING ONE OF THEIR OWN WINNERS IN THE SAME CATEGORY. Like, why even have a metal award? Does it seriously attract ANY viewers (I don’t think it’s even telecast anymore)? Does it significantly boost any metal band’s record sales? Or is it just yet another excuse for a bunch of old white dudes to compliment one another on the smell of their farts?


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