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Within the Thrall of Leviathan’s “Within Thrall”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Leviathan - Scar SightedIn a new interview, Jef Whitehead/Wrest/Leviathan tells Noisey “I don’t think I’m really making black metal anymore,” but I respectfully disagree. You know how I know Leviathan is black metal? Because I just had to type three names to describe one person. When you’re talking about, say, Devin Townsend, you can just say “Devin Townsend,” but if you’re talking about a black metal musician, it’s always something like “Stanley Mushnik a.k.a. Yog Sogolgoth a.k.a. Count Bözer Blüdháven” or whatever.

Not that I really care, ’cause the Noisey interview is presented alongside a new Leviathan song, “Within Thrall,” which is metal as black as Whitehead’s daughter is adorable, and just as freakin’ awesome as most other Leviathan songs. As long as Wresthead keeps making music this good, he can have as many monikers as he damn well pleases, and can assert that his music is klezmer, for all I care.

Listen to “Within Thrall” below. It will appear on Leviathan’s new album, Scar Sighted, which comes out March 3 on Profound Lore.

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