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Another Sign of the Apocalypse: American Head Charge and Coal Chamber are Now Labelmates

  • Axl Rosenberg

I can honestly say I didn’t see this coming, mostly because I’ve been under the impression that no one has given a fuck about American Head Charge since ever. But the nu-metal band has just signed to Napalm Records, making them labelmates with another painfully bad late 90s/early aughts outfit, the reunited Coal Chamber.

Other bands that call Napalm home include Alestorm, Cavalera Conspiracy, Ex Deo, Gigan and Hatesphere, so AHC and Coal Chamber really stick out like sore thumbs on the roster. Maybe Napalm’s new strategy is just to sign as many nu-metal bands as possible, and be to that genre as Frontiers is to hair metal? I guess we’ll see if they sign Adema next.

ANYWAY, American Head Charge’s debut for Napalm is called Tango Umbrella, which is a St. Anger-level shitty name for a record. If anyone knows what the fuck that phrase even means, let me know.

american head charge - tango umbrella

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