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Dave Lombardo Unhappy About Slayer “Replacing Me with a Guy That Hasn’t Done Anything in 10 Years”

  • Axl Rosenberg
Pic via Rock Your Head
 Pic via Rock Your Head


See that pic at the top of this post? It’s the only photo I’ve been able to find of founding/former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo with Jon Dette and Paul Bostaph, each of whom has replaced him in the legendary thrash band multiple times. Does Lombardo look like a happy dude in that photo? No. No he does. He looks as though he’s being made to pose for a photo with Josef Stalin, from within a cloud of cheese farts. Maybe he was just a bad mood when this pic was taken… or maybe he really, really does not like Bostaph and/or Dette.

The evidence: a new interview with Music Radar, in which Lombardo comments on Terry Bozzio replacing him in Fantômas:

“I want you to know something. I was honoured by the gesture of replacing me with Terry Bozzio. That, to me, was respect. Instead of replacing me with a guy that hasn’t done anything in 10 years, waiting on the couch, fiddling his thumbs, ‘Oh my god, when is Slayer going to get rid of Dave?’

“It’s like, come on. Terry Bozzio is an amazing drummer. I love his playing, I love the way he sings with his drums and creates music. I saw some video footage of him playing with Fantômas – wow. He did it his own way and I really liked it.”

Lombardo doesn’t call out Bostaph or Dette by name, so, theoretically, he could be talking about both of them, either of them, or neither of them. It’s worth noting that Bostaph, for his part, hasn’t exactly been “doing nothing” since his first stint with Slayer ended in 2001: he’s been recording and touring with acts like Exodus, Testament, and, er, Geoff Tate, “The Voice of Queensrÿche.” It’s possible Lombardo meant “not doing anything” in a very snobbish way — i.e., “My band played for a sold-out crowd at Yankee Stadium as part of the Big Four, your band did not.”

Dette, on the other hand, is always kind of around, but not doing anything about which anyone seems to care… and of the three, he’s the only one who has never actually recorded with Slayer. In fact, if he did something ten years ago, I’m not sure what that was. One could argue that he’s never really done anything.

So to whom is Lombardo referring? Speculate in the comments section below.

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