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Archspire Post the Most Insane/Ridiculous Vocal Playthrough Video Ever


ArchspireWhen lyric videos first burst upon the YouTube scene circa 2008/2009, they represented a collective “eureka” moment for metalheads everywhere: finally we got to learn what these guys have been growling about all this time!

What’s so funny about Archspire’s new video for “Fathom Infinite Depth,” then, is that despite the lyrics being plastered across the screen I still can’t read them. They’re just too damn fast! But I actually really dig the approach the band’s taken here; instead of calling this a lyric video they’re dubbing it a “vocal playthrough,” and it does indeed feature frontman Oliver Rae Aleron performing the whole track instead of just the lyrics and some After Effects treatment. The video’s also cut with some brief personal anecdotes of Aleron talking about the band and their history which is a nice touch that differs from the usual playthrough approach.

Archspire will appear at the fifth annual South by South Death show in Austin, TX on March 18th, also featuring Norma Jean, Fallujah, Byzantine, Allegaeon, Elder and Myrone.

[via Gear Gods]

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