10 Essential Metal Albums to Get High To – Presented By G Pen: Torche, Meanderthal


10 Essential Metal Albums to Get High To - Presented By G PenEveryone knows that metal and marijuana are two great tastes that go great together. That’s why we here at MetalSucks are stoked to be teaming up with G Pen to present “10 Essential Metal Albums to Get High To” — a list of ten metal albums that go great with weed (duhhhh)!

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Our countdown resumes with…

The Album:

Hydra Head

You know that Torche’s 2008 breakthrough album Meanderthal is gonna be a great one to get high to before you place the needle on the wax, or even before you explore that tripped out cover: that name, Meanderthal! It conjures images of a four-foot-tall proto-man with similar features as yours, maybe a little hairier and with a sharper eyebrow ridge, puttering about his little cave dwelling in the deep of winter. That’s it, just puttering. Puttering and muttering. Meanderthal! He can’t be stopped! He’s just doing his thing, maaaaan.

Between the grooves, no one does doom-pop better than the very band that invented it. The songs are this record’s biggest strength: they’re infectious, even bubbly in a Beatles-y way, while somehow still retaining undeniable heaviness. And therein lies the brilliance of this album: it’s truly inspirational. Having a shitty day? Get right, crank these jams, and just feel the good vibes roll in.

And that guitar tone, oh, that fuzzy guitar tone! Get lost in it, let it wrap itself around you like a warm blanket and let it soothe the insides of your soul. Another off-label use for Meanderthal: on a cold or rainy day just pop this record on, take a few vape hits and sit back as your core temperature rises.

And now that you’re stoned, think about that dude in the cave again and try not to crack up.

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