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Protest the Hero’s Tim Millar Releases Two Solo Piano Songs

Tim Millar Protest the Hero
Nich Madl with

Didja know that Protest the Hero axeman Tim Millar is a talented piano player? I consider myself a pretty big Protest fan, but I didn’t release that all the piano on their albums over the years was played by Millar until Metal Injection’s Greg Kennelty pointed it out (for some reason I thought it was ex-bassist Arif Mirabdolbaghi). Consider me schooled.

Millar’s new solo project Timerity puts the focus squarely on his piano playing. Two songs are presently posted to his Bandcamp: you might recognize “Isosceles” as the end section of the PtH song “Spoils” (from Fortress), while “Determination” is entirely new. I’m beyond impressed: plenty of guys in bands take the role of “dude that plays piano on a track when needed,” and while Millar’s certainly no Chopin you can tell the guy’s got some serious chops beyond simply being able to clink around a bit on the keys.

We’re not sure if Tim’s got a full album release planned or what, but at the very least these two tracks are a fun distraction from our usual diet of br00tal-O’s.

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