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Video: The Evolution of Breakdowns

  • Axl Rosenberg

keep calm until the breakdownThis video by JusticemakerMusic is a year old, but was just recommended to me by YouTube today. I kinda can’t believe it didn’t catch on when it was first release.

ANYWAY, the clip’s title basically gives it away, but for the cheap seats: it takes you through the history/evolution of the breakdown in ten different styles, starting with Pantercore and ending with trancecore and hitting every other core in-between. Some of you will enjoy it just because it’s fun, and some of you will enjoy because it gives you cause to bitch about how much you hate breakdowns, how the makers of the video have incorrectly dubbed each genre, how the dude in the video has a Trivium shirt on and is therefore a total tool, how the dude in the video has to use his fingers to play guitar and therefore a total pussy, etc. Either way: enjoy!

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