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Entheos Just Released Their Debut EP Primal; Stream it Here!


Entheos - PrimalScrew waiting” indeed: mere hours after putting the finishing touches on their debut EP Primal, Entheos have released it to the Internet for everyone who’s been waiting so patiently to hear. Scratch that, not patiently at all: we’ve been salivating for this thing ever since learning about its existence a mere couple of months ago.

The band, of course, features drummer Navene Koperweis (ex-Animals as Leaders, ex-Animosity), guitarist Frank Costa (ex-Animosity), bassist Evan Brewer (ex-The Faceless, ex-Animosity) and vocalist Chaney Crabb (almost-ex-Veil of Maya).

So, without further ado — since the band was so kind as to put this thing out with very little fanfare, I’ll shut my piehole now as well — here it is. This is my first time listening to it too, so let’s press play together then reconvene in the comments a bit later, mmkay? Buy it on Bandcamp for just $4 if you’re so inclined, and get dates for a brief Entheos tour here.

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