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Corey Taylor Provides an Update on Slipknot Guitarist Mick Thompson’s Condition After Being Stabbed in the Head by His Brother


mick thompson with and without maskSlipknot guitarist Mick Thompson was stabbed in the head early yesterday morning by his own brother during a drunken altercation.

Yes, that is a real thing that happened, and it pains me to type it.

Since the news first got out yesterday afternoon, Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor posted a couple of updates to Twitter, the second of which is somewhat reassuring:

Needless to say there are still a lot of details about the incident we don’t know (aka most of them), and there’s plenty of information being purposely withheld. It could be that these details never come to light, especially if criminal charges are pursued, but even if not: the brothers might simply prefer to keep everything private, and that’d be completely understandable. Meanwhile we just hope that both Mick and his brother are doing alright, and that neither was seriously injured.

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