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Time to Get Angry About Muse Appearing on a Metal Site Again

Photo Credit: Danny Clinch
Photo Credit: Danny Clinch

Every few years Muse release a new album, and every few years we have this conversation all over again: do Muse belong on a metal site?

The short answer: not really. But it’s been my experience that tons of metal heads really like Muse (myself included) — especially those who are into the proggier side of the metal spectrum — and fuck you, it’s my website, so deal with it!

So, here’s Muse’s new track “Psycho,” which dropped earlier today in music video form. Per the above, I dig Muse best when they’re at their most adventurous and proggiest — Absolution and Black Holes and Revelations are easily my favorite albums of theirs — and “Psycho” is more of a straight rock n’ roll song. But it’s still unmistakably Muse, and for that reason I dig it anyway: those distinctly British-sounding guitars, the thumping, rawk drum beat, and Matt Bellamy’s powerful, vibrato-stricken voice… this track definitely hits. And it’s typically political, in true Muse fashion… which honestly I could take or leave at this point.

Muse’s seventh album Drones comes out on June 9th via Warner Bros. Records.

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