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Five Drummers We’d Be Happy to See Join Amon Amarth

  • Axl Rosenberg

five drummers we would be happy to see join amon amarth

This morning, Amon Amarth announced that they have parted ways with drummer Fredrick Andersson after seventeen years. Sad though this news may be, it does provide one fun opportunity: fantasy casting…

#1 – DAVE LOMBARDODave Lombardo Re-Tweets

This will obviously never happen, but, y’know. We’re gonna suggest him for every available job for every good metal band from now until he dies. And maybe even after that.

#2 – Martin LopezMartin Lopez

Lopez as was Andersson’s predecessor in Amon Amarth, appearing on the band’s 1998 debut, Once Sent from the Golden Hall, but actually left the band before that album’s release to join Opeth. Wouldn’t it be awesome if he came back now? Sure, he’s busy with Soen, but it’s not like he’d be the only musician in metal with multiple projects on his plate.

#3 – Henry Ranta20740_artist

Nowadays it’s virtually impossible to imagine Soilwork without Dirk Verbeuren… but Ranta, his predecessor, was no slouch, appearing on classic albums like Natural Born Chaos and Figure Number Five. Last I heard, he was in some band called 5th Sonic Brigade, who once covered Tonic’s “If You Could Only See.” Which is to say, we have to assume that Ranta is either suicidal or totally game to join a different band.

#4 – Chris AdlerChris Adler

Also never gonna be happen. But between last year’s Slipknot rumor and last week’s Megadeth rumor, we just assume he’ll be rumored to be the new drummer for every band now. So, here we are! God knows he’s got the facial hair for the gig (to say nothing of his siqq chops).

And speaking of Slipknot…

#5 – Joey Jordisonjoey-jordison-new

Bringing Jordison into the fold would certainly propel Amon Amarth into even more headlines, and could help them to attract new fans (not that they need the help). Also, it would spare the world another Scar the Martyr album. So it’s a win-win.

Who would YOU like to see replace Andersson in Amon Amarth? Make suggestions in the comments section below!

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