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Kameltoe Heard “Veil of Elysium,” and Then Kamelot


Kamelot - HavenAs you probably know, many great artists have nicknames for their fans. For example, Slipknot have their Maggots, Emmure have their Decepticons, Kiss have their Army, Slayer have their Hitler Youth, Justin Bieber has his Beliebers, etc., etc.

In the case of Kamelot, the fans are commonly referred to as Kameltoes. And I have to be honest — I have really never understood Kameltoes. How are they not embarrassed? Are they unaware that people are staring at them? Can they not feel that something is wrong? I know that I sure feel uncomfortable when I have a Wedgie shirt on (that Finnish band is not so popular these days) so, surely, Kameltoes must experience a similar sensation, no?

These questions ran through my head as I listened to Kamelot’s new single, “Veil of Elysium.” I’m all about the value of presentation, but there’s a level of hyper-theatricality here that just reeks of daddy issues and being desperate for attention. Like, maybe if the band had some actual, meaningful foundation on which to build their music — y’know, a personality — they wouldn’t need to flash their goods quite so ostentatiously. There is something to be said for being demure, y’know.

Kamelot’s new album, Haven, comes out May 5 on Napalm.

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