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At Last! Listen to the Entire Studio Recording of Skinless’ “Serpenticide”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Skinless - Only the Ruthless RemainIf you think you’ve already Skinless’ new single “Serpenticide” just because you’ve watched video of its live debut and a forty-five second album teaser which uses the track for its score, well — think again! Because the final studio version contains some serious surprises, like guest scratching from Incubus turntablist Chris Kilmore and additional vocals by Miranda Lambert!

I’m kidding, of course. But even without these extra, er, “incentives,” you should still check out the entire studio recording of “Serpenticide,” because it’s some seriously nefarious shit. If Freddy Krueger and that chick from Night of the Demons 2 whose tits come to life and kill a dude ever got married, this would be the music to which Scary Titty Lady walked down the aisle.  SO wiqqed!!!

Check out “Serpenticide” below. Skinless’ first new album since 2006, Only the Ruthless Remain, comes out June 2 on Relapse. I’ve heard it and I can assure you, it has plenty of other cool songs besides this one!

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