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Varg Vikernes Wrote an RPG Book


MYFAROG Varg RPGSurvivalism has been an ongoing theme in the videos Varg Vikernes has been posting to his Thulean Perspective YouTube channel. Look, I get it. Being prepared for the collapse of civilization can’t hurt, and while taking extreme measures to do so might be considered “fringe” at least it’s rooted in reality to some degree. So while Varg is absolutely fucknuts in a number of ways and he’s a complete racist piece of shit, his interest in survivalism is not one I can find fault with, even if I think he’s probably taking it too far.

So that part of his latest video makes sense. What makes no sense whatsoever: the connection he’s trying to draw between survivalism and RPGs. In an RPG your chief goal is to survive — so I guess there’s that — but the connection is a stretch at best, and the second half of this video is a rambling mess. What is he going on about?

OH, there it is: he’s selling an RPG! It’s called MYFAROG (“MYthic FAntasy ROle playing Game”), was invented and written entirely by Varg himself, and bills itself as “a role-playing game based on European values, geography, (pre-) history, mythology, traditions and morals, [that] will offer you the opportunity to play a game in accordance with your own European nature.” Participants presumably must hang onto their lives by defending themselves against the evil Jews looking to take over civilization for their greedy selves.

MYFAROG is on sale now, uses plenty of Papyrus font to emphasize its earthiness, and will set you back €40. Buy it here if you feel like supporting a bigoted, racist idiot and learn more on the official MYFAROG website.

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