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These Synth Covers of Metal Classics Sound Like the Score for the Best Horror Movie John Carpenter Never Made

  • Axl Rosenberg

Altars of SynthnessDid any of my fellow horror fans catch last year’s The Guest or this year’s It Follows? Admittedly, the movies don’t have that much in common, other than this: they’re both really good, and they have both have really excellent scores (The Guest‘s is by Steve Moore, It Follows‘ is by Rich Vreeland, a.k.a. “Disasterpeace”) that sound like they’re right out of an old John Carpenter movie (Carpenter, in case you don’t know, writes or co-writes all his own scores, at the height of his powers, those scores are ill).

I was reminded of the work of Carpenter, Moore, and Vreeland when I heard Werkstatt Recordings’ Altars of Synthness compilation on Metal Injection today. As the title suggests, the comp contains synth records of various metal classics, including songs originally performed by Slayer, Death, Napalm Death, Carcass, and other bands whose names are about being deceased (and, as a bonus, one of the cover artists is called Hydraulic Anus, which might be the best band name ever). Purists will hate these covers because, well, they’re idiots. But for everyone else… these are so great! And they could easily be put over an old Carpenter flick (or Carpenter wannabe flick) and work PERFECTLY.

Put on your dancing shoes and listen to Altars of Synthness below. Physical copies are already sold out, but you can get it as a free download here.

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