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Paradise Lost: “No Hope in Sight” for a Return to Their Roots, but New Song is Still Awesome

Photo credit: Ester Segarra
Photo credit: Ester Segarra

Paradise Lost have changed a lot over the years, but there’s still a certain level of familiarity I feel with their newer music. Their latest stuff has almost nothing to do with their doomy beginnings — it’s way more melodeathy, more traditionally structured — and yet I feel like it’s still got something tying it to the band’s past, even if just a thread.

With that in mind, I’m digging on their new song “No Hope in Sight.” If you’re all “Lost Paradise or GTFO” then you’re not gonna like it, but it’s a fine song that I think all other Paradise Lost fans should enjoy. Check it out below via Metal Hammer.

The Plague Within comes out June 2nd via Century Media.

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