Slayer’s Kerry King Almost Made a Solo Record

  • Axl Rosenberg

14-06-08_RiP_Slayer_Kerry_King_1So Rolling Stone has a new piece about Kerry King and the new Slayer record, and while for the most part it just conveys info that most Slayer fans (and metal fans in general) probably already know, I do think this little parenthetical aside is interesting:

“Incidentally, King says he’s batted around the idea of a solo project but demurred. ‘There’s plenty of people that I considered doing it with… but I have to have Slayer covered before I consider anything like that,’ he says.”

Although I remember someone revealing after the death of Dime that there had been tentative plans for a tour featuring King, Zakk Wylde, and the late Pantera shredder, this is the first time I can recall anyone mentioning a King solo record.

And I’m of two minds about such a project: on the one hand, since Slayer is barely even Slayer these days, it might be more respectful to the band’s legacy if King struck out on his own… but on the other hand, my gut tells me that King wouldn’t use the opportunity to experiment and try new things (creatively speaking), so the record would probably just end up sounding like Slayer anyway.

What do my fellow Slayer fans think? Would you be stoked to hear a Kerry King solo outing, or does it seem like an unnecessary (or even bad) idea to you? Sound off in the comments section below!

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